Introduction to Russian Alphabet:
Lesson 1

This is a course of the Cyrillic alphabet, particularly as applied to Russian. You’ll not only be exposed to the alphabet, but you should pick up some Russian words along the way too.

In this course, you will be asked to type certain things in the Russian alphabet. Do that by using your keyboard. Please pay attention to whether the question starts with a capital letter or not, because you will need to replicate that in your Russian answer. If you get it wrong three times in a row, you will have an option to reveal the answer.

Let’s begin!

The good news is, you already know a lot of it. For example, look at this:


This is the Russian word for atom. It is pronounced similarly to the the English word atom, except that а is pronounced more like a in car. Also stress is at the end of the word.

So, without having learnt much, you can already write in Russian the moto part from the word motocross. Please do it.


Answer: Мото
Not correct. Please try again.