Introduction to Russian Alphabet:
Lesson 12

Let’s not stop there. I’ll introduce to you another word. Again, you should understand all but one letter:


This word means "a guide" and it’s spelled gid. I think by now you pretty much know what a g looks like. It looks a bit like T except that the left part of T is missing. You can remember G and T are linked together by remembering the word "gate".

In fact, now you know enough to write "gymnastics" in Russian. It’s gimnastika. Try:


Answer: Гимнастика
Not correct. Please try again.

You should know about 1/3 of the alphabet by now. Let’s continue, however.

Here is another word which is the same in English:


It means, of course, a bar. So, now you know what the Russian b looks like:


Also, this letter is slightly different when it’s in minuscule (when it’s not CAPITAL). It looks like this:


Yet, it’s still very recognisable.

There is no problem remembering this letter because both of them looks like the minuscule English letter b. The knowledge of this letter makes you able to write even more words. Bank is the same, bank, in Russian. Can you write it?


Answer: Банк
Not correct. Please try again.