Introduction to Russian Alphabet:
Lesson 22

In fact, aside from the Russian words (where the letter je is common), it allows us to write international words, such as garderobe which is gardjerob, or the Russian word for Mathematics matjematika:


Answer: Гардероб
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Answer: Математика=
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Now we know 16 letters out of the 33 letters in the Russian alphabet which is rougly a half of the alphabet. But we still need to learn more.

The Russian word for a factory has to do with the word fabricate, because it is almost the same as the English word fabric. It’s fabrika. Here is how fabrika is written in Russian:


So, the letter f looks like:


You could look at it as two letters F standing back to back to each other.

You can use this letter immediately to write the Russian word for a fan (as in a football fan) because that word is the same in Russian as in English. Write it:

A fan

Answer: Фан
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