Introduction to Russian Alphabet:
Lesson 28

Well, let’s get some more interesting ones. Look at this letter:


It’s actually the English letter R turned backwards and you can link JA with R by remembering the word YARD.

Talking about it, look at how yard (as in the unit of measure), which is pronounced the same as in English, is written in Russian:


The letter in English would be written like ya or maybe ja. It is the same sound as for ya in yard. For the sake of convenience, I will refer to this letter as ja.

This letter pronounced, in Russian, means I.

So, now let’s try something really fun. Let’s write a very short sentence in Russian.

You already know that я means I. Now, the Russian word for "am going" when it is used by the first person form is idu.

So, you can combine this knowledge and you can write this short sentence in Russian alphabet:

I am going.

Answer: Я иду.
Not correct. Please try again.