Introduction to Russian Alphabet:
Lesson 61

We only have four letters left and two of them are not even full letters but rather signs. Let’s first read the two remaining letters and then the two signs.

Our first letter is very easy. It’s the letter:


This letter is pronounced like the H in Hanukkah. This letter could also be transcribed as kh and that is exactly what I am going to be transcribing it as.

There are many cool words in Russian with this letter. One of them is khata which means a peasant house. These are the little houses which people do not usually live in anymore unless they live in rural areas. This word is still used a lot as a slang term for home, whatever type of home one is referring to. Our concern is not the word itself but the letters, though. Write this word:

A peasant house

Answer: хата
Not correct. Please try again.