Introduction to Sambahsa: 36

In Sambahsa, the English expression "used to" plus "verb" is rendered by a (mostly hyphenated) prefix called "augment" : ee-, 'eə, put before the verb conjugated in the present tense. New words : "To teach" = doc, dok, turns to dots- before "e, i". "temple" = temple, 'templə, "everyday" = cadadien, kada'djen. Translate into Sambahsa : "They used to teach every day in the temple", without the personal pronoun, but the long conjugational ending.

  1. You need to put a hyphenated 'Ee-' before 'docent', not an unhyphenated one.
  2. Remember to pu the hyphenated 'Ee-' before 'gwahnt', and that 'the' will become 'iens' in this sentence.
  3. Remember to use 'Ste' for 'you are', and also to change 'id' to 'iom' before 'mayster'.
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