Introduction to Sambahsa:
Lesson 59

By mundialecter

Sambahsa uses a lot of verbal prefixes where English uses other verbs. For example, to say to keep on (doing), Sambahsa puts the prefix na- at the beginning of the verb.

Let’s translate into Sambahsa People have kept on watching the movies.. When it refers to several persons, people is leuds (pronounced as if it were written luds in English), a plural noun. Because of this, the verb to have shall be in the plural; this time, use the short form of habent. To watch is smauter (IPA ’smaʊtər), and movie is film. Since a movie is a thing, the will be translated with ia, the neuter plural form of id.

For the past participle of smauter, just add the -t ending.

People have kept on watching the movies.

Answer: Leuds hant nasmautert ia films.
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