Introduction to Sambahsa:
Lesson 66

By mundialecter

Sambahsa verbs whose stem doesn't undergo any modification for the preterit must use the special preterit endings. For the 3° person of the singular, the ending is it. Verbs ending with a vowel + h (i.e. a long vowel) don't have any ablaut. Such is the case of abgwah = to go away. However, abgwah + it would lead to an ugly combination of two vowels. That's why a s, called the "sigmatic aorist" must be inserted between the stem and the ending. That darkness is tod temos, like is kam, smoke is dum, or is au and cloud is nebh.

Please translate :

That darkness went away like a smoke or a cloud.

Answer: Tod temos abgwahsit kam un dum au un nebh.
Not correct. Please try again.