Introduction to Sambahsa:
Lesson 67

By mundialecter

The fourth declensional case of Sambahsa is the "dative" or "indirect object", i.e. the substantive to which something is "given". So, instead of using two words as in English for to the(m), Sambahsa has only one : im, for the undetermined gender.

Let's translate : I'll give food to the cats.. For the future in Sambahsa, put the conjugated sie either before the infintive, or suffixed to the stem. cat is the same word in Sambahsa, IPA kat. For "animal food", Sambahsa uses the word fodder (not restricted to cattle as in English). Don't forget the conjugational ending for -sie-, which is -m for the 1° person of singular (because sie ends with a stressed vowel, IPA sje). Let's assume that the cats there are of different genders. The Sambahsa sentence shall have that order : give(+ special suffix of the future tense) to-the cats food.

I'll give food to the cats.

Answer: Dahsiem im cats fodder.
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