Introduction to Swedish:
Lesson 15

Now we know all the main pronouns:jag (I), du (you), han (he) and hon (she), vi (we), ni (you guys) and de (they). We are just getting started, though.

Swedish for to want is att vilja.

I want to have it therefore it is my vill to have it.

You would expect it to become jag viljar for I want, but in fact there is an exception with this word. This exception works in our favor, though, because the word becomes even more like the one we have in English: vill.

If you want to say I want to have it in Swedish you don’t have to say to - att anymore, so you say I want have it.

This can also be translated as we want it, because in Swedish you never say simply we want it, and you always have to say we want to have it.

We want to have it.

Answer: Vi vill ha det.
Not correct. Please try again.

We don’t want to be here.

Answer: Vi vill inte vara här.
Not correct. Please try again.

I want to be Swedish.

Answer: Jag vill vara svensk.
Not correct. Please try again.