Introduction to Swedish:
Lesson 22

Summarizing everything: we have learnt att vilja (to want) - vill (want), att kunna (to be able to) - kan (can), then ska (shall/will) and now we also know the words göra and något.

We have learned that to make verbs from to do into I do or he does you simply remove att and add an r. That was the first category and it includes over 80% of all words, so that’s a pretty safe bet to do so.

There are, however, a few other ways to do it. Let’s learn one more:

Swedish for to need is att behöva.

Think I need to behave.

The word behöva is one of the verbs that we will call the er-words. They are special because the er-words do not like the ending ar, so they do not simply add the r but also change the letter before to e. Thus their ending becomes er.

How would you say:

I need something.

Answer: Jag behöver något.
Not correct. Please try again.

I need it because I don't have it.

Answer: Jag behöver det eftersom jag har inte det.
Not correct. Please try again.

They need to have it.

Answer: De behöver ha det.
Not correct. Please try again.