Introduction to French: Lesson 4

The French word for where is .

How would you ask:

?Where are you?|Où es-tu ?

French for from is de.

How would you say:

?From where?|D’où ?

You can ask from where are you:

?Where are you from?|D’où es-tu ?

You already know the French word for France which is France. They usually say the France and it is a feminine word so it’s not le France as you have it for masculine words but la France.

How would you say:

?I am from France.|Je suis de la France.

French for England is Anglaterre.

It means the English land (terr is from terrestrial). Also, it is la Anglaterre as well but you get the contraction with la Anglaterre so that doesn’t matter. How would you say:

?I am not from England.|Je ne suis pas de l’Anglaterre.

French for he understands is il comprend.

He comprehends...

To make it into you, you simply use the rule that we have learnt and add s. Say:

?You understand French.|Tu comprends le français.

This il comprend does not end in e so you can’t apply that rule where the form for I is the same. Therefore, it must be the same as the form for you. So, how would you say:

?I understand.|Je comprends.

In all three forms (comprends, comprends and comprend) the pronunciation is exactly the same, though.

French for me is moi.

Get yourself an audio pronunciation of how this moi is pronounced.

When the French say things about themselves, they like to repeat me in the end of the sentence one more time. For example, they would say I am here, me. How would you say that:

?I am here, me.|Je suis ici, moi.

?I understand English, me.|Je comprends l’anglais, moi.

They also have a word for you like this. In English, you have I and me which are je and moi in French, but you also have tu and toi in French while you only have you and you for both words. Let’s call this word toi - ya which is a nonstandard spelling of you.

French for ya is toi.

How would you say (in the cool way, i.e. using est-ce que):

?Do you understand French, ya?|Est-ce que tu comprends le français, toi ?

French for and is et.

You could say and ya which would mean what about you. Try that:

?And ya?|Et toi ?

French for too is aussi.

Think I, too, am an aussie.

How would you say:

?Me too.|Moi aussi.

What about:

?Ya too.|Toi aussi.

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