Occidental for English Speakers: Lesson 3

The verb for to want is voler

Think of English words like volition. "I have the volition to do it" = "I want to do it".

Or think of the word "benevolent" which means "good-wanting"!

In English, we often sprinkle the helper word "do" around when it’s not really necessary.

To say "what do you want", we can simply say "what you want".

?What do you want|Quo tu vole

Remember that the verbs with -r on the end mean "to ___".

Do you remember the infinitive for "to do"?

?What do you want to do|Quo tu vole far

The word for something is alquo

When you add al- onto quo, it means "an undefined number of what". In other words, "some whats" or "some things".

?I want to do something|Yo vole far alquo

Here is a tricky one ;)

?I want to want something|Yo vole voler alquo

Remember the question shortcut?

?Do you want to do something|Esque tu vole far alquo

The words for a or an is just un

The word for apple is pom

?Yes, I want to eat an apple|Yes, yo vole manjar un pom

The word for good is bon

Remember how to connect phrases together with the word for that?

In English we can say "I want you to do something".

In Occidental, we need to use the connector to make that a little more comfortable. So it would be like "I want that you do something".

?Good. I want you to eat an apple|Bon. Yo vole que tu manja un pom

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