Occidental for English Speakers: Lesson 8

The word for hello is salute

I salute you!

The word for friend is amic.

Think of the word "amicable".

If you are speaking about a male or female friend, you can say "amico" or "amica", but "amic" is the general term.

?Hello friend|Salute amic

The word for to say is dir

Think of the word "diction" or "dictate".

?One would normally say hello|On vell normalmen dir salute

The word for possible is possibil

Remember how to form opposites with the ín- prefix?

Remember "Darth Vader"?

?I would go with you, but it is impossible|Yo vell vader con te, ma it es ínpossibil

The word for why is pro quo.

"Pro" = "On account of". "Pro quo" = "On account of what?".

Think of "Pro bono", which means "on account of goodness", essentially.

?Why don’t you want it|Pro quo tu ne vole it

The word for because is pro que

"Pro que" = "On account of that ___".

?I don’t want it because I don’t want it|Yo ne vole it pro que yo ne vole it

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