Occidental for English Speakers: Lesson 11

The word for let’s is lass

Have you heard of the French economic term "laissez-faire"? In Occidental it would be "lass far" (let do).

The English "let’s" is a contraction of "let" + "us". So we need to learn that too.

The word for us is nos

"Lass nos" is a common way to introduce an idea for something to do. Add on the infinitive of a verb, and you get a solid plan!

?Let’s go|Lass nos vader

The verb for to see is vider

From this word, we can form video, vision, etc.

The word for movie is film

?Let’s see a movie|Lass nos vider un film

The word for before is ante

In Occidental, you can use the word Bon (good) for things like "okay...", "well...", etc

?Okay, but let’s eat before|Bon, ma lass nos manjar ante

The verb for to think is pensar

If you think a lot, you are pensive.

The verb for to finish is finir

To say that something is finished, we can use the past tense as an adjective. Just like in English!

?Now that it is finished, what do you think|Nu que it es finit, quo tu pensa?

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