Occidental for English Speakers: Lesson 12

The verb for to like is amar

If something is likable, it is amiable.

Literally: "Is(it true)that you liked the movie?"

?Did you like the movie|Esque tu amat li film

We have been using the word "es" very often. This is actually the short form of the whole verb for "to be".

The verb for to be is esser

If you want to say something is or is not, then use es. But if you want to say that something was or will be, then conjugate the verb as per usual.

?The food was good|Li nutriment esset bon

?An apple would be good|Un pom vell esser bon

The word for favorite is favorit

?Yes, it was good, but it wasn’t my favorite|Yes, it esset bon, ma it ne esset mi favorit

The word for bad is mal

Think of "malevolent" (literally "bad-wanting").

"Sleep well" is just "sleep good".

?Did you sleep well|Esque tu dormi bon

?No, it was bad|No, it esset mal

Remember the conjunction "that"? Sometimes we need a conjunction to describe a specific thing.

"What type of movies do you like?" "I like movies that are scary"

Notice above that "movies that are scary" is describing one thing.

If we want to speak a bit more properly in English, we would say "movies which are scary".

The word for which is quel

Remember that the whole thing you are describing is "apple which is good".

?I like an apple that is good|Yo ama un pom quel es bon

The word for last or final is ultim

If something is the "ultimate", that usually means that nothing can come after it.

This final exercise is tricky. Where will you us "quel" in this sentence?

Hint: Think about everything that describes the movie. Use quel to bundle it together.

?No, it was bad. It will be the last movie I see|No, it esset mal. It va esser li ultim film quel yo vide.

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