How To Learn Russian through Interlinear translations


Those who know about this blog, possibly also know that I have been involved in trying to write about ways to learn Russian. I have also made a short Russian course and a Russian alphabet course. I would now like to present to my readers another way for one to learn or improve  Russian – reading a Russian Interlinear translation of Tolstoy.

The translation includes the entire story “The Death of Ivan Ilyich” in the Interlinear format, where each phrase or expression is translated to English right below it. Here’s an example of the translation:


Example of the Russian Interlinear Translation by InterlinearBooks

While there is also a lot of information on the page, there is also a blog-post detailing the translation and the story.

If your level of Russian is sufficient to understand basic Russian, and if you want to improve it, do check the translation out.

If you’re not learning Russian, InterlinearBooks also have books to learn Lithuanian, Swedish and German, and they’re making more.

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