Introduction to Luxembourgish: Lesson 3

Lesson Three (Dräi) - Adjectives

How to describe people (Adjectives)

The phrase The man is tall is De Mann ass grouss

The words The woman are D’Fra

Using that, how would you say The woman is tall?

?The woman is tall|D’Fra ass grouss

In Luxembourgish, there are three genders; masculine, feminine and neuter. But, like in most languages, the plural is formed differently to its singular partner.

De Mann is masculine

D’Fra is feminine

For neuter, everything stays the same

D’Meedchen girl ass grouss

And for plural, ass is replaced with si. (ass=is; si=are)

D’Kanner child si grouss

But, adjectives placed before the noun will change depending on their surroundings.

De grousse Mann

Déi grouss Fra

Dat grousst Meedchen

Déi grouss Kanner

The word prittiest is schéinst

Using that, answer this translation.

?The prettiest woman|déi schéinst Fra

Yet, if you want to say the most handsome man, you have to say

Dee schéinste Mann

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