Introduction to Russian: 31

Finally, let’s learn one last Russian word:

!Russian for what is что.

Armed with this word, you can ask a lot of things to people. For three examples, ask:

  1. The word order for this is "what you want?"
  2. Use "извините" for sorry.
  3. The sentences are just two words long each.
  4. Use the contrasting "О" in the second sentence.
  5. Remember that "you understand" is "понимаешь".
  6. Use the pronoun "я" in both sentences. Remember that "yes" is "да". Also remember that "хорошо" will come right after the subject ("Я") in sentence.
  7. Remember the position of "тут" - it comes right after "Я". Also don't forget to use the contrasting and (which is "О") in the right place
  8. Remember that "Maths" is "математика". Apply the transformation of the last letter to "и" in order to get "of Maths".
  9. Use "можно" for "can I have?". This sentence is just two words long.
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